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United States Navy

Navy Business Management Support Services (WBB)

WBB and TAPE provide program management support for military manpower personnel strength modeling and simulation for the DCNO for Manpower, Personnel, Education & Training (N1T). DCNO N1T finds and recruits people to serve, executes training pipelines that take young Sailors through their initial education and beyond, and ensures full manning of our ships, squadrons, and submarines.

Navy N1 Millington (WBB)

Our first task order for DCNO N1T provides record administration and management services in support of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS)/Naval Personnel Command (NPC) Force Management (FM) in Millington, Tennessee. BUPERS/NPC FM is the primary and official manager of Navy military personnel records, providing complete and accurate personnel records and records-related information to authorized users throughout the Navy and other federal agencies.