Logistics Support

TEAM TAPE continues to provide exceptionally proficient and effective logistics support using experienced and recognized logistic subject matter experts. We provide knowledgeable end highly skilled experts in areas such as maintenance support, maintenance records and data collection, equipment refurbishment tracking, equipment accountability and sustainment analysts. The Army and Army Reserve have cited our efforts as essential in obtaining and maintaining inventory control over the massive amounts of equipment deployed, redeployed, cascaded and disposed of over the last 14 years. Our analysts provide assessments, projections and analytical findings to the leaders at all levels of the Army and Army Reserve. TAPE experts evaluate and interpret analytical data, resolve conflicts, develop and present technical reports and briefings. Our experts provide project deliverables, interface with external entities to collect data, as well as provide assistance on training for selected systems and analysis methods using Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS).

TAPE Logisticians’ depth of experience in the acquisition strategy process for the US Marines, ensures all programmatic documentation (capability documents, system specifications and key performance parameters (KPP)s) are thoroughly analyzed and thus the best Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) and Trade off Analysis (TOA) is delivered to the customer. Based on AoA and TOA, the Lifecycle Support Plan (LCSP) and Logistics Requirements Funding Summaries (LRFS) will be developed to ensure all logistical aspects are taken into consideration with other competencies to support mission requirements to include system & equipment fielding & deployment support, training system fielding, relocation operation and exercise planning and management.

TAPE Logisticians utilize a Performance Based Logistics (PBL) support strategy leveraging various resources and techniques to optimize customer support and maximize efficiency in terms of both reduced response times and cost. We are able to provide this exceptional service to the customer by preparing, managing, monitoring, evaluating, and coordinating supportability strategies and develop Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP).

TAPE logisticians will review engineering drawings and associated lists to verify compatibility with Provisioning Technical Documentation (PTD), Logistics Management Information (LMI) data, and the maintenance as applicable. TAPE logisticians will continuously monitor the potential for parts obsolescence in all systems utilizing best commercial practices in conjunction with monitoring parts status using Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) parts data updates. TAPE logisticians will coordinate directly with team engineers to track and maintain comprehensive configuration management (CM) throughout the lifecycle of each applicable system.