Underscoring our commitment to providing cutting-edge MS&T solutions, TAPE acquired Strong Point Research in October 2013.


Training Solutions

At TAPE the Training Solutions Core Competency is an exciting and very creative department.  We are always creating something new here or tweaking and improving processes and best practices.  We are so committed to meaningful innovation in the training support world that our CEO/President, Louisa Long Jaffe is heading up an internal Research and Development Team dedicated solely to developing methodologies and technologies aimed at making training more productive, efficient, and more scalable, more “metrics” accountable while reducing the expense for our customers.  In the future, we expect this internal R&D to result in new training products and methodologies available to our customers.

Currently, our Training competency is organized into four capability (CAP) groupings: Instructional Support, Learning as a Service (LaaS), Logistics Support, and Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) Simulation Support.  Each of these CAP groupings is continually upgrading and innovating.  At the same time, they are all grounded solidly in ISO 9001-2015 processes and best practices.  Our overriding approach is to have clear processes and practices that are repeatable and documentable for everything concerning training support at every level.  We also continually incorporate TAPE’s own trademarked evaluation of internal practices and processes called Behavior Based Performance Metrics Methodology ® (BBPMM).  In this way, we strive to attach all things supporting training to performance metrics based on the behaviors that the metrics themselves induce.

In addition to the innovation research that Ms. Jaffe is conducting in the field of Instructional Support, Our Instructional System Specialists (ISS) support has experience in supporting both the Army (Army PEO STRI) and the Marines (PM TRASYS) in Instructional Systems Design (ISD) and Performance Based Instruction throughout each programs acquisition life cycle.  Our ISS team primarily analyzes and evaluates multiple facets of training systems (including data usage) to ensure the customer receives the effective training products and devices.

A second capability group is our Learning Methodology, “Solometrix™. Solometrix provides AI-based Learning as a Service (LaaS) to enable clients to leverage the latest Mind, Brain, and Education methods to engender students’ Learning Mastery in exciting, creative, tangible, and measurable ways. We adapt the experience for each client, employing evidence-based science and engineering, and educator-based knowledge. Regarding time and cost, Solometrix™ accelerates the progression from the classroom to experiential learning through practical application, thus providing more affordable yet more robust learning to each and every student.

A third capability group in the Training Solutions field is Logistics Support.  TAPE Logisticians utilize a Performance Based Logistics (PBL) support strategy which, as is true for Performance Based Metrics throughout our Training Solutions, not only optimizes customer support but also maximizes efficiency in terms of both reduced response times and cost.  We do this by developing Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSP).  We have deep experience in Logistics Training Support in the Marines Program Manager for Training Systems (PM TRASYS) as well as support to Ground Combat Support System-Marine Corps (USMC GCSS-MC) through SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC-LANT) in Charleston; additionally as part of our subject matter expertise and analysis of the Army Resources for Training, we support all the Army Reserve Commands.  We have 10 plus years as a Prime Contractor supporting the Army for Logistics Support.

A fourth capability group within TAPE Training Solutions core competency is Live Virtual Constructive (LVC Support).  TAPE, including our StrongPoint Research Division in Orlando, Florida, provided LVC support for over a decade to training in the Army (PEO STRI) and, more recently to the Marines (PM TRASYS).  With evolving modeling and simulation technologies and methodologies, Live (a simulation involving real people and real operating systems, Virtual (a simulation involving real people operating simulated systems), Constructive (a simulations involving simulated people operating simulated systems) provide the essence of modern warfare training.  TAPE is very proud to stay on the cutting edge of Training Solutions through understanding and participating in LVC.