Software Engineering

TAPE’s byline, Measure Us by Your Results® is also the watchword for this capability.  In developing and maintaining software, our continuing emphasis is on quality. Currently, we are operating at CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 Standards for our project with the Army Training Budget support project for the G 3/5/7 called the “Army Training Models”. We develop and maintain software in a compressed time-frame without sacrificing quality. One way we do this is to reuse source code, as appropriate, to minimize development time. To help with the reuse, we build custom libraries that are common throughout the platform. We ensure quality by complying with process improvement areas from CMMI-DEV Maturity Level 3 standards. These processes have been enhanced to incorporate Agile software development with daily Scrums. This allows us to be more responsive to changes while not sacrificing quality. We have trademarked our quality processes as Performance Improvement Methodology (PIM)®.

We design and develop databases for SQL server 2008/2012 as well as managing the servers that are used for the development and production environments. The databases are designed and developed to ensure optimal response times and reduce any data redundancies.

We develop software architecture by following a mature set of processes that ensure we document the requirements and analysis prior and during development. This documentation is maintained in Microsoft Team Foundation which is used to track all changes and maintains the documentation to ensure it is up to date with changes.