Program Operations Support

Our acquisition support services include preparation and maintenance of documentation, which includes (depending on the type of acquisition): SOWs, IGCEs, acquisition plans, technical evaluation plans, justifications for other than full and open competition, analysis of alternatives, determinations and findings, interagency agreements and reimbursable work agreements. TAPE’s support also facilitates the synchronization of acquisitions within budget priorities, which include time-phased commitments, obligation targets, and spending priorities.

TAPE supports the full security adjudication process from start to finish. Our subject matter experts ensure that each case is opened with complete documentation, tracked through the adjudication process, and then filed and archived accordingly. Our Quality Control Program minimizes risk by incorporating identified metrics and quality throughout the entire process. We combine appropriate quality measurements, process review, deliberate training, established metrics, and performance evaluation to maximize intended outcome (quality and output).

TAPE provides administrative professionals who are highly professional and able to provide a variety of services such as: coordination with technical specialists, financial staff, contract specialist and contracting officers; preparing, editing, and filing a variety of vital documents, and; organizing and managing mail and file rooms.