TAPE’s Innovation Bridge solution sets fill the gap between emerging R&D promises and outdated solutions by bringing deployed and proven commercial solutions to our Federal Customers.



Management Consulting

Measure Us by Your Results® isn’t just TAPE’s corporate tagline — it quite literally is a call to action. Too often effective Program Management becomes lost in the monitoring of activity and output, which may have unintended results.

TAPE’s unique, systems-engineering, solutions-based approach dramatically reduces backlog and enhances productivity.

With TAPE on your team, there is no mistaking the ultimate destination of our customers’ programs or how they got there. Together we define your desired outcomes, key metrics for measuring progress toward those outcomes, and of course the outcomes themselves. TAPE does not see itself as a contractor so much as a professional partner. We don’t just show you how to get there – we travel the path with you.

Measuring allows the establishment of baselines, the identification of the effects of proposed inputs, and a deliberate approach to improved outcomes. Our Management Solutions are recognized by our customers for:

  • Achieving increased capacity, capability, and efficiency
  • Lowering required resources and costs
  • Prioritizing efforts
  • Achieving success for our customers