TAPE’s Innovation Bridge solution sets fill the gap between emerging R&D promises and outdated solutions by bringing deployed and proven commercial solutions to our Federal Customers.


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IT & Cyber Security

Information systems, computer networks, hardware and software, data storage and other advanced technologies have become the modern organization’s digital backbone. This is particularly true of very large, geographically distributed, multi-operational enterprises such as DoD, Homeland Security, TSA, and FAA.

In an era of rapid technological change, the tasks of planning, budgeting, managing, assessing, maintaining, and training for these systems are challenge enough. But, the critical nature of these systems makes them an especially attractive target to international enemies, terrorist groups, hackers, and even insiders intent on harming the U.S. and its interests.

That’s why TAPE has established an integrated, one-stop IT & Cyber Security program committed to identifying and delivering innovative, rapid-response solutions to our customers’ IT requirements while simultaneously identifying and preemptively preventing attacks on those systems. We are known for game-changing solutions blending mainstream state-of-the-practice solutions with successful commercial advances that have not yet reached the Government realm.
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