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TAPE’s Innovation Bridge solution sets fill the gap between emerging R&D promises and outdated solutions by bringing deployed and proven commercial solutions to our Federal Customers.


Privacy Policy

TAPE protects the privacy and security of your personal information. We handle all personal information with care in line with all laws and regulations that provide protection.

The information we collect from site visitors falls into two categories:

  • Indirect information, such as how you entered our site, how you navigated through it, what areas were of interest to you, and how long you reviewed the information in those areas.
  • Direct information, such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, or mailing address.

We use cookies to collect the indirect information. Cookies identify you only as a number, so the information we obtain from them cannot be traced back to an individual. We use this information to assess the effectiveness of our website and to identify areas needing improvement.

You submit all of the direct, or personal, information. Typically, you submit that information because you are seeking something from TAPE and are using the contact form available through our website. We use that information only to respond to your requests. We do not sell or barter your personal information to any person or organization.