// Current Project

Navy N1 Millington (WBB)

Prime Contract No.:  N00189-18-D-Z046

Subcontract No.:  FLCN18001-TAPE-I-19001

Type of Contract:  IDIQ/T&M

Period of Performance:  Base 1/20/20 – 12/31/20

Contract End Date:  12/31/2020

Our first task order for DCNO N1T provides record administration and management services in support of the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS)/Naval Personnel Command (NPC) Force Management (FM) in Millington, Tennessee. BUPERS/NPC FM is the primary and official manager of Navy military personnel records, providing complete and accurate personnel records and records-related information to authorized users throughout the Navy and other federal agencies. WBB’s and TAPE’s work includes supporting the:

  • Process of receiving digital and hardcopy, document preparing, scanning, validation, and verification to place valid, authorized documents into the Official Military Personnel File
  • Supporting the Personnel Tempo help desk; and, 
  • NPC Message Center by operating the U.S. Message Text Format Editor Program and other systems.