Are you a government agency or office struggling with advanced technology challenges and looking for a faster, more targeted solution? Find out how our Innovation Bridge can work for you.



Are you a commercial vendor interested in having your advanced technology evaluated as a possible fit for Federal requirements? Find out how you can be a part of our Innovation Bridge.


Innovation Bridge®

Our increased dependence on technology, along with the breathtaking speeds at which it evolves can create enormous institutional challenges. This is particularly the case for multifaceted organizations with national security mandates such as DoD, FAA, Homeland Security, and others. When it comes to technology decisions for these organizations, lives quite literally can be on the line.

TAPE’s Innovation Bridge® addresses the gap between emerging R&D promises and outdated solutions on the “Approved Products List”, many of which were grandfathered in anyway. TAPE fills this gap with solutions successfully implemented by U.S. Industry – the best America has to offer – but offered by vendors lacking the reach to sell across the Federal Government.

At one end of the Innovation Bridge®, TAPE analyzes Government operational requirements that would benefit most from innovation. We apply models to gauge the impact of certain improvements, should they become available. We proactively invest in seeking out these challenges.

At the other end of the Innovation Bridge®, TAPE identifies commercially successful solutions that are not implemented in Government. We then invest in the intake and vetting process to assess the applicability of solutions to U.S. Government challenges.

When our Innovation Bridge® links a challenge with a viable solution, TAPE turns the tools and licenses into a Government program success story. TAPE is an Agile Systems Integrator (ASI) – a new breed led by former Government senior executives, military officers, and traditional large SI executives. We know everything the large companies know about how to execute the big program, but we focus on successful outcomes for America’s benefit without answering to Wall Street stockholders. In short, this is how we serve our country. Through agile initiatives like TAPE’s Innovation Bridge®, we make a difference.

TAPE’s Innovation Bridge® currently is focused on the following challenge sets:

  • Cyber Security
  • Information Technology
  • Program Management
  • Military Research & Development
  • Training

The benefits of the Innovation Bridge® are numerous, including ensuring that Federal agencies are provided access to the very latest and greatest commercial technology offerings; providing a rapid-response capability to equally fast-evolving cyber threats; and delivering an expert “eyes and ears” approach to newly emergent advanced technologies that might otherwise be missed.