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We provide industry leading professionals to support the management of our client’s projects. Continuous improvement is a staple of our ideology which we achieve through process review and deliberate training programs that aim to improve efficiency and performance; Our project managers implement strict quality control measures that ensure that we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We develop detailed reports that accurately measure progress, identify potential problems, take corrective actions and ensure the meeting of TAPE’s contract commitments.

TAPE excels in providing fiscal management of acquisition-related projects.  TAPE supports all phases of integration of the acquisition process with budget process, budget data systems, and budget documentation. Our objective is to effect more timely, efficient and productive integrated acquisition and budget operations.  Our Acquisition cycle includes financial, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) reviews. Execution reviews include matching invoices, obligations, and commitment results against acquisition objectives, milestones, and fiscal performance objectives.

We also specialize in resource modeling, which includes model development, design, fielding, utilization, and maintenance. Our model output is typically designed to support a wide range of decision making processes and when combined with our analytical expertise generates relevant, accurate and timely information. Our analysts are experts in acquiring and/or developing relevant, accurate model input, and are also experts in interpreting, and frequently, applying flexibility and innovation to extrapolate existing information in order to meet the needs of decision makers.

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