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TAPE uses experienced, capable subject matter experts, who manage existing (as well as newly added) infrastructure to the Enterprise Network Environment within the current Risk Management Framework for DoD, DHS-TSA, and other Federal IT Authorizations. 

This includes all aspects of Server Administration, Virtualization, Storage Area Networks (SAN) Management (a SAN is a dedicated network for Data Storage), Backup Management, Group Policy Object (GPO), and Active Directory Management and Administration. 

IT Support imageTAPE’s work included dedicated support to Customers and Tenants on the network in a timely manner to keep supported applications and data available as well as quickly resolve problems that might inhibit workflow or network stability.

Data Analytics is the process of examining large and varied data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other useful information that can help organizations make more informed decisions. We perform such analytics for the Army in our resource optimization project called the Army Training Models (ATM). 

From a government perspective, data analytics can be used for operational efficiency, and also for more traditional areas within our military, such as on the battlefield and in gathering intelligence. Interpreting the gathered data can answer basic questions about operations and performance.

These analytics can involve complex applications that have evolved into what is now called Predictive Analytics, to predict what the enemy’s next move will be using elements such as predictive models, statistical algorithms, and “what-if” analyses. 

TAPE employed Predictive Analytics to support each, the Army PEO STRI and Marines PM TRASYS for training requirements. Such analytics can be used to define the data gathered for a training or platform capability, and to analyze the best way to represent that in a Live, Virtual, or Constructive (LVC) training environment.

We design and develop databases for SQL server 2008/2012 as well as manage the servers that are used for the development and production environments. The databases are designed and developed to ensure optimal response times and reduce any data redundancies. 

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