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TAPE provides knowledgeable and experienced support to all phases of the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) process to include subject matter experts in DIACAP to RMF transition, Assessment and Authorization, and vulnerability assessments. We bring a wealth of experience with DoD and Federal clients that support Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) management, patch management, ongoing authorization, remediation of vulnerabilities, vulnerability scanning, and enterprise cyber program management.

Cybersecurity Computer Lock ImageWhether dealing with a rogue trader or a rogue traitor, foresighted prevention trumps real-time interdiction, and event interdiction trumps after-the-fact investigation. To counter the Insider Threat, an enterprise must be vigilant in all three (future, present, and past) lifecycle time spaces.

TAPE provides a comprehensive – and constantly growing – suite of cyber security countermeasures aimed at protecting the Intelligence Community, DoD, and Fortune 500 companies from their worst nightmare: the cyber traitor. We prove, test, and rapidly deploy innovative cyber security solutions that keep our clients one step ahead of the Insider Threat.

Our value proposition is simple and effective. We enable our clients to fully understand their real-time activity data within their unique enterprise context, and then establish monitoring and analysis rules that empower them to:

  • Know their true security posture
  • Pinpoint vulnerable paths to critical nodes
  • Assess their Insider Threat level
  • Assess their Insider Threat trends
  • Monitor high-value suspect activity
  • Identify means, methods, and co-conspirators
  • Enhance investigation outcomes
  • Provide performance metrics to oversight bodies
  • Apply lessons learned to new predictive rules
  • Thwart would-be cyber traitors
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