// Get to Know TAPE

Vision, Mission, and Values

TAPE was founded on the precept that there are better, more innovative and cost-effective approaches to meeting the needs of the government and private sector worlds in which many of us once worked. 

Put simply, TAPE’s vision, mission and values can be seen every day—in the caliber and commitment of the people we employ, in the quality and integrity of our business partnerships, and in the standards of excellence we demand of ourselves during every TAPE customer engagement.

Our Vision

TAPE’S vision is to be a recognized leader in Technology Services, Training Solutions and Management Consulting.

Our Mission

TAPE is dedicated to keeping the nation safe and strong by providing technology services, training and readiness solutions, and management consulting to the Federal government.

Our Values

  • Respect Our Customer’s Mission
  • Create an Atmosphere of Mutual Respect
  • Practice Rigorous Honesty
  • Be Responsive to the Needs of Our Customers and Look for Opportunities to Increase TAPE’s Value
  • Be Trusted Advisors
  • Deliver Credible Results that Exceed Expectations
  • Understand and Maintain non-negotiable quality
  • Embrace the Power of Effective Communication
  • Infuse Creativity into Everything We Do
  • Stay Agile as We Grow