“Asset-Based Thinking provides us with a foundation to see what is right as opposed to focusing on what is wrong. Problems are everywhere, and this method is a filter that allows us to see the possibilities and opportunities that exist in a changing market. It makes all the difference in our operations approach.”

-Louisa Jaffe

“Thinking and acting as an entrepreneur allows an individual to interject ideas into the company’s overall objectives. It means taking ideas on paper and turning them into actions.”

TAPE Employee


You’ll see the word “innovation” quite a lot on the pages of this website and for good reason: At TAPE we believe in the power of inspired thinking to generate solutions to any challenge, regardless of its scope or complexity.

Indeed, within the halls of TAPE we live and work by an unofficial credo that encourages each of us to bring a fresh perspective to our jobs and our lives. To underscore this point, every new member of the TAPE team is given a copy of the book, Change the Way You See Everything, written by Kathryn D. Cramer and Hank Wasiak. This book focuses on Asset Based Thinking as a means of re-examining the way we see and present ourselves to others.

TAPE espouses an employee culture of Each One: An Entrepreneur, meaning team members are encouraged to think of themselves as leaders, innovators, and strategists. The result is a collaborative, Employee-Shared Vision of the company that confirms every member of the team as playing an integral role in TAPE’s operations today – and tomorrow.

Duly empowered, our staff members routinely brainstorm creative new approaches to the most vexing of challenges, securing for themselves and TAPE a reputation for delivering exemplary, customer-centric service.

TAPE invests heavily in employee training, ensuring that every team member is provided opportunities for personal and professional growth. And our candid, open-door policy to internal communications reinforces the knowledge that every member of the team has a voice.

If all of this sounds innovative, it is. At TAPE, we don’t just market innovation, we live it.