Integrated Logistics Support

The backbone to any acquisition or program management initiative is the logistics that brings it all together. TAPE specializes in assisting its military and Federal customers in the analysis and planning for the various assets required to deliver a complete logistics solution.  We are systems engineers and trusted providers dedicated to keeping the nation safe and strong.

TAPE brings a full lifecycle approach to its logistical support operations, meaning that our customers have absolute confidence not only in efforts such as acquisition cost planning and analysis, but also training, provisioning, and ongoing maintenance and support.

More specifically, TAPE’s approach to Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services includes the analysis, development, review, maintenance, and tracking of systems and equipment logistics support planning, training curriculum, documentation development and delivery, and other planning and operational activities.

TAPE stands apart from other ILS providers through our extensive involvement in the Army RESET program; our application of advanced technologies to reduce workforce and operational lifecycle costs (while improving readiness); and our use of state-of-the-art commercial software applications and databases to improve logistics solutions as part of our unique Innovative Bridge approach to advanced technologies.

As part of our logistics experience, TAPE supports military RESET activities, which encompass maintenance, refurbishment, recapitalization, and supply activities to restore military operational units to a desired level of readiness for future missions.

TAPE recognizes that the identification of a program’s lifecycle needs involves consideration of a number of factors. Our ILS includes:

  • Requirements for lifecycle operations and maintenance support
  • Spare parts lists and stocking level recommendations
  • Failure data for supported assets
  • Stocking adjustment recommendations
  • Use of tracking systems and equipment logistics support planning documents and databases