Budgeting / PPB&E

The importance of establishing and managing federally-funded budgets cannot be overstated. TAPE delivers a full spectrum of financial management support services to our DoD and Federal customers, ensuring that their acquisition, program management, training, and maintenance program budgets are properly identified, understood, documented, and defensible.

TAPE supports the full lifecycle of our military customers’ planning, programming, budgeting and execution (PPB&E) programs, which are a sophisticated mixture of financial planning, technology, and regulatory requirements that are critical to the overall success of DoD’s financial and logistical management processes. But, in the face of the complexity of all of those interrelationships, TAPE sees opportunity.

By combining data elements from key operational disciplines affecting a program/budget, TAPE is able to create and leverage informative new relationships between that data and thereby develop and justify activity financial requirements.

In turn, this bigger picture enables TAPE’s subject matter experts, many of whom have decades of combined experience working for or with various branches of the military’s acquisition, financial, logistical, and program management programs, to put that data to work creating the kinds of detailed requirements, budgets and pricing with which military program managers make the most informed and accurate decisions.

TAPE’s long-standing relationships with military planners and leaders; our understanding of military policies and procedures; and our expertise in creating powerful analytical models all combine to reliably and successfully create, submit, and defend executable budgets for our military customers.

This helps to explain why TAPE has become such a trusted resource to the DoD planners eager to understand the program requirements and budget realities that affect their decision making processes. From budget authorization support to Management Decision Packages (MDEP), TAPE provides the budget answers and support our military customers depend upon to meet their operational goals.

TAPE Capabilities Include:

  • Budget Formulation
  • Budget Execution
  • POM Support
  • Analysis Support