Administrative Support

Almost all government activity involves administrative support at some level. Administrative support provides the necessary organization and activities that allow government agencies to focus on direction, key policy, and resource decisions.

TAPE helps clients identify key administrative tasks and performance standards. We include these standards in each employee’s Professional Development and Evaluation Plan, ensuring that the client, TAPE, and employee priorities are aligned across the board.

TAPE then reviews processes, identifying areas for client approved improvements. The importance of such initiatives cannot be overstated. In one instance, TAPE improved a customer’s file processing capacity nearly 50% (from 12,000 to 18,000 annually) at no additional cost. Similarly, TAPE helped another customer eliminate a long-standing backlog of administrative tasks, prompting the customer to note: “[We] can’t remember a time when we were within the maximum allowed.”

TAPE provides administrative services in both classified and unclassified environments, serving the Department of Homeland Security, DoD, Department of Veteran Affairs, and other Federal agencies.

TAPE Capabilities Include:

  • Data Gathering, Entry, Tracking, Sorting, and Verifying
  • Document Preparation and Review
  • Scheduling and Coordinating
  • File Management
  • Process Development, Standardization, and Documentation
  • Training