Acquisition Support

A big reason for TAPE’s success is our internal commitment to viewing our customers’ challenges from their perspective, not ours. We have taken this approach because key members of our management team hail from DoD and other federal agencies that we serve; but also because we know, quite simply, that this is the most effective path to success.

So from our customer’s perspective, there are four tasks critical to any successful Acquisition effort:

1) Ask for what you want
TAPE delivers seasoned expertise along the entire acquisition process spectrum, helping our customers translate their vision into specific, detailed requirements. These requirements are in turn translated into concise, accurate contract documentation, thereby ensuring that our customers enjoy the highest probability of receiving what they intended.

2) Get what you ask for
TAPE provides experienced contract administrators and monitors to develop and measure acquisition deliverables and milestones, further ensuring that our customers receive what was originally envisioned.

3) Pay a fair price
TAPE conducts independent research and analysis to develop IGCEs (Independent Government Cost Estimates) to verify the reasonableness of price paid.

4) Operate within all rules and regulations
TAPE’s Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) experts provide advice that ensures our clients make fully informed decisions within all applicable guidelines, with particular attention to preventing any organizational conflict of interest (OCI).


From mainstream, unclassified procurement efforts to Top Secret and complex weapon system initiatives, TAPE provides complete lifecycle Acquisition support to its customers. Our experience supporting a wide variety of federal agencies’ procurement activities enables TAPE to apply a diverse catalog of Best Practices to every customer engagement.   TAPE’s unique, systems-engineering, solutions-based approach, dramatically reduces backlog and enhances productivity.
TAPE Capabilities Include:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Acquisition Strategy and Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Procurement Documentation
  • Independent Government Cost Estimates
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Source Selection
  • Quality Assurance
  • Contract Performance Review
  • Modifications and Options
  • Contract Closeout