Permitted Behavior Anomalies

Detection (PBAD)

TAPE’s PBAD security consultants first establish the “range of normal” for each user’s activity (often by role to facilitate ease of administration). Then, we configure your existing IDPS tools to flag behavioral anomalies, helping you to better recoup your investment in your existing tools, while enhancing your security posture. Our experts can set these parameters at the network, operating system, and application levels.

We can even help you set Watch List roles based upon temporal or temporary flags: new hires, soon-to-retires, suspected disgruntleds, new contractors, and other special user populations who merit additional scrutiny for a period of time.

Once fully configured, your system will be able to assign weighted scores to anomalous behavior. Now guarded at the Network, OS, and Application levels, your security team will be able to interdict suspicious behavior from every angle: individualized scrutiny, role-based oversight, and temporary inspections are all possible.