TAPE has performed IV&V to assist the FAA determine the adequacy of its En Route development process and ability of resulting products and software to meet FAA requirements. Support efforts include the En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) and Display System (DS) Tech Refresh programs.


TAPE provides a full range of Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) services to support the transformation of business operations throughout DoD and federal organizations and to deliver enterprise-level capabilities that align to warfighter and civilian agency needs.

These services are designed to address two critical questions:

Validation – Are we building the right product?

Verification – Are we building the product right?

Our IV&V services provide support to headquarters, directorates, and program/project/product offices and integrate functional and operational activities into an agile, efficient, forward leaning operation.

TAPE believes IV&V should be a complementary piece of the development process, delivering objective analysis through open, constant communication that keeps surprises out of the mix, preemptively uncovers potential problems, and leads to the most successful possible outcome for all involved.

Specifically, our technical and managerial services:

  • Infuse additional quality checks into management of a project
  • Provide quality baselines for future phases and/or projects (e.g., lessons learned)
  • Provide predictive analysis via modeling and simulation capabilities on the effects of changes to process, function, and data and their potential impact to business, system, and infrastructure performance
  • Provide increased visibility into the project at all levels
  • Reduce project lifecycle costs by reducing impacts of change through early identification
  • Provide best practices for knowledge transfer and specific subject matter expertise.

TAPE’s toolkit for IV&V support includes commercial capabilities across the following functional domains:

  • Development Tools
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Tracing and Management
  • Quality Assurance/Test
  • Database Development
  • Configuration Management
  • Code Analysis
  • Simulation/Modeling