InCyberThreat® Matrix:

TAPE’s Solution to Counter the

Insider Threat

Whether dealing with a rogue trader or a rogue traitor, foresighted prevention trumps real-time interdiction, and event interdiction trumps after-the-fact investigation. To counter the Insider Threat, an enterprise must be vigilant in all three lifecycle timespaces: future, present, and past.

Any seasoned security professional will agree that the Insider Threat is the most likely to succeed, the most dangerous if successful, and the greatest cause of loss, statistically speaking.

TAPE provides a comprehensive – and constantly growing – suite of cyber security countermeasures aimed at protecting the Intelligence Community, DoD, and Fortune 5000 companies from their worst nightmare: the cybertraitor. We prove, test, and rapidly deploy innovative cyber security solutions that keep our clients one step ahead of the Insider Threat.

TAPE is the only cyber security service provider offering a comprehensive solution suite to cover all three timespaces of the Insider Threat lifecycle, delivering a whole new dimension to Defense-in-Depth.

Our InCyberThreat® Matrix delivers a modular, scalable, cost-contained, and rapidly deployable framework that integrates cleanly with your existing IT investment, while addressing all activities necessary to thwart the Insider Threat you face:

  • Predict & Prevent;
  • Detect & Interdict; and
  • Investigate & Prosecute.

Our InCyberThreat® Matrix includes:

  • Future Forensics tools that help identify the vulnerabilities a cybertraitor could exploit to obtain or pass sensitive data through your network;
  • Real-Time Situational Awareness tools to monitor ongoing activity;
  • Permitted Behavioral Anomalies Detection tools to detect flag-raising anomalies associated with individual behaviors;
  • Communication Behavioral and Relationship Analysis tools to detect possible senders and recipients of compromised data;
  • Post-Incident Forensics tools to aid investigations for breaches that may already have occurred; and
  • Remote Access tools that integrate with all of the other five components, working in all three lifecycle timespaces.

Our value proposition is simple, and effective. We enable our clients to truly understand their real-time activity data within their unique enterprise context, and then establish monitoring and analysis rules that empower them to:

  • Know their true security posture
  • Pinpoint vulnerable paths to critical nodes
  • Assess their Insider Threat level
  • Assess their Insider Threat trends
  • Monitor high-value suspect activity
  • Identify means, methods, and co-conspirators
  • Enhance investigation outcomes
  • Provide performance metrics to oversight bodies
  • Apply lessons learned to new predictive rules
  • Thwart would-be cybertraitors