Cyber Security

The immense strategic value that DoD and other government agencies place on information and the systems that produce, distribute, and store that information makes them especially attractive targets to terrorists, hackers, and other national security threats.

To assist our customers in safeguarding these critical assets, TAPE has developed a comprehensive, one-stop Cyber Security program aimed at delivering the innovative advanced technology solutions our Federal customers need to meet today’s rapidly evolving compliance and threat environments.

TAPE’s full-scope Cyber Security services include solutions for:

  • Governance and Reporting
  • Assessments and Plans
  • Engineering
  • Operations

TAPE brings a comprehensive approach to every cyber security engagement. Depending upon our customers’ needs and wants, we offer support from needs assessment to a full articulation of requirements for which we can implement a targeted, tailored solution.

By leveraging our unique Innovation Bridge approach to advanced technology solutions, TAPE’s Cyber Security program taps into a global market of commercially proven cyber security technologies that have not yet reached the government’s attention. This enables TAPE to create targeted flexible solutions that best meet the needs of our Federal customers rather than fitting those requirements to an existing application.

TAPE’s Cyber Security program is precisely the kind of agile, innovative, rapid-response answer the government is looking for in today’s constantly evolving cyber threat environment.

A direct result of TAPE’s Innovation Bridge initiative is the emergence of our unique CyberForge® program. Already home to a suite of commercially viable, field-tested cyber security solutions, CyberForge® is constantly seeking out – and evaluating – new technologies capable of meeting the unique and growing needs of TAPE’s Federal customer base.

Three recent examples of advanced technology solutions already emerged from CyberForge® are:

  • High Assurance Remote Access – Provides for in-bound, out-bound, and bundled network access to remote forces on sea, land, and air.
  • Attack Tree Visualization – Delivers a comprehensive review of an organization’s existing threat vulnerabilities using “future forensics” analysis.
  • Behavioral Forensics – Allows for proactive monitoring and post-incident investigation of threat patterns within an organization’s communication channels.