TAPE’s Innovation Bridge solution sets fill the gap between emerging R&D promises and outdated solutions by bringing deployed and proven commercial solutions to our Federal Customers.



Underscoring our commitment to providing cutting-edge MS&T solutions, TAPE acquired Strong Point Research in October 2013.


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Center of Excellence

The growing complexity, pace of technological change, and increased specialization involved in government programs calls not only for innovative solutions, but also a means of centralizing all of the Best Practices associated with those initiatives.

At TAPE, we are creating a targeted Center of Excellence (COE) that aggregates and codifies those Best Practices and establishes information sharing paths for that knowledge. Technologies, methodologies, individual and group expertise, budgeting and planning documentation, and even customer-specific contracting policies and requirements are all part of the intellectual capital that is consolidated within the COE.

TAPE’s Center of Excellence also is home to a secure, physical demonstration center specifically designed to showcase the many solutions to emerge from TAPE’s Innovation Bridge initiative, which identifies and evaluates the most effective, advanced technology solutions for our government customers.

TAPE’s Center of Excellence serves two important purposes. First, it provides our Defense and Federal customers with a clear understanding of TAPE’s capabilities in disciplines such as Cyber Security, Training, and Program Management. Second, it enables TAPE to quickly and expertly assemble the knowledge, expertise, materials, and documentation necessary to meet the urgent needs of our customers in a timely, dependable nature.