“The TAPE team has done an outstanding job supporting this organization and deserves to be singled out for special recognition.”

— DHS Customer

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned, Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business


An organization’s ability to cultivate and leverage change is critical to long-term success.  Rapidly emerging technology demands adaptations from our systems, processes, and policies as well as the people who manage them.

We do not approach change as a challenge to overcome.  Instead, TAPE sees opportunity and a reason to improve how we learn, operate, and respond.  Our approach is to evolve rather than to resist.

Our management team is comprised of former government and commercial executives keenly focused on the road ahead.  We understand the challenges of our contemporaries.  We work with our customers to identify their strategic and tactical needs and then seek the most innovative solutions to those requirements.

This approach puts the control of these changes squarely where it belongs: in the hands of the military and government leaders tasked with serving the needs of our nation.

TAPE offers solutions that are relevant to our customers’ missions.  From program staffing, acquisition, and management support to information systems and cyber security services, TAPE brings a non-traditional, innovative approach that solves existing problems while anticipating and mitigating new ones.

Our success is measured by YOUR results.

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