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Mission, Vision, and Values

TAPE was founded on the precept that there are better, more innovative and cost-effective approaches to meeting the needs of the government and private sector worlds in which many of us once worked.  TAPE’s unique, systems-engineering, solutions-based approach, dramatically reduces backlog and enhances productivity.

Put simply, TAPE’s mission, vision, and values can be seen every day in the caliber and commitment of the people we employ, in the quality and integrity of our business partnerships, and in the standards of excellence we demand of ourselves during every TAPE customer engagement.


TAPE is dedicated to keeping the nation safe and strong. We are systems engineers and trusted advisors committed to building a bridge between our government’s challenges and technically sound solutions.


TAPE’s vision is to be the recognized leader for developing and applying advanced systems engineering solutions with a reputation for delivering highest quality and best value, and to be the employer of choice for current and future employees.


Practice Rigorous Honesty
We uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Be Responsive to the Needs of Our Customers, Employees, and Partners
We hire the best and brightest and empower them through our motto of Each One: An Entrepreneur®.

Respect Our Customer’s Mission
We approach every task within the context of the big picture.

Be Trusted Advisors
We inspire faith and confidence in our customers because we deliver value.

Deliver Credible Results that Exceed Expectations
We understand that output does not equal outcome. We don’t just produce deliverables, we produce measurable results.

Never Compromise on Quality
We deliver uncompromising service and subject matter expertise.

Embrace the Power of Effective Communication
We communicate early and often, both externally and internally.

Infuse Creativity into Everything We Do
We use Asset-Based Thinking to remove all barriers to innovation.

Stay Agile as We Grow
We are agile, and we are dedicated to staying that way regardless of our size.

Create an Atmosphere of Mutual Respect
We hire truly amazing people, and we treat them that way.