Michael P. Kelliher

Vice President, Enterprise Solutions

Mr. Kelliher joined TAPE in 2012.  As Vice President, DoD Enterprise Solutions, Mr. Kelliher is responsible for all DoD accounts in functional areas ranging from cyber security and IT to RDT&E, training, and education. A 26-year U.S. Army veteran, his expertise is in military operations and training.

Prior to joining TAPE, Mr. Kelliher was a Principal Program Analyst at JB&A, Inc.  He managed Department of Justice contracts in excess of $15 million, guiding them from contract proposal through award and execution.  He also played a key role in the company’s financial planning, building and maintaining the organization’s annual spend plan and preparing various financial analyses.   Before retiring from the U.S. Army as a Colonel in 2006, Mr. Kelliher was the Assistant Deputy Director for Training (DAMO-TR), serving as the chief executive of the Army’s $13 billion annual training program (TT-PEG).  His previous assignments as a Field Artillery / Fire Support Officer include: Senior Fire Support Trainer at the Combat Maneuver Training Center in Hohenfels, Germany; Paladin Battalion Commander, Fort Carson, CO; and Combined Joint (CJ3) representative and Battlefield Coordination Element (BCE) Air-Ground Operations Officer, United Nations Combined Forces Command and Joint Force Air Component Command, 7th Air Force, Osan, Korea.  Mr. Kelliher served in multiple field grade and company grade assignments, including two battery level commands.

Mr. Kelliher holds a M.S. in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College and a M.S. in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma.  He received a B.S. in Physical Education from Norwich University.

Mr. Kelliher is a member of the Association of the United States Army and the American Society of Military Comptrollers.