Joel Fleck

Vice President, Training and Operational Resources

Mr. Fleck joined TAPE in December 2007 and is responsible for controlling and directing the day to day activities of 70 subject matter experts providing financial, training, and logistics support to TAPE’s largest U.S. Army contract. Prior to joining the TAPE management team, Mr. Fleck spent over 18 years at CACI International as a Vice President and Division Manager supporting the Army’s $10B annual operations and maintenance training accounts. He also successfully managed CACI’s $150M participation in the Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services (OPTARSS) contract, which he helped win while serving as the capture manager.

Mr. Fleck enjoyed a successful career in the Army, with experience covering the full spectrum of resource management and force development in both the active and reserve components from unit to installation to department levels. He supervised, budgeted, and programmed the $7B operations and maintenance accounts for which the Army Operations Directorate was the proponent. Mr. Fleck managed programs that supported the daily operations and training of all active forces; various special access programs; the introduction of new equipment and organizational structures into the active forces; programs for the Army training base; and accounts that bolstered the United States contribution to NATO and humanitarian assistance. He also had extensive field experience in field artillery and security operations.

Mr. Fleck holds an MBA from Golden Gate University (San Francisco) and a BA in History from St. Johns University (MN).