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Training Transformation

Today, government entities tasked with meeting the demands of an increasingly complex, rapidly changing world must themselves be empowered to evolve if they are to meet their operating goals.

This is why TAPE has taken a dynamic, agile, and far-reaching approach to the training programs we implement for our Federal and Defense customers. Our Training Transformation program has been uniquely designed to support the training requirements of today’s geographically distributed, multidisciplinary workforce, which often is operating in complex environments using advanced technologies.

Our Training Transformation program takes an organization “as is” and puts in place the planning, structure, activities, and management processes necessary to reach a desired “to be” state. Central to that process is the development of an executable transformation plan that enables managers to understand the steps necessary to achieve success as well as visualization tools for monitoring the status/progress of those changes.

Automated benchmarking, issue resolution, impact measurement, contingency planning, and a color-coded management and alert system allow managers to create customized training regimens; monitor their progress; and, where necessary, easily and quickly make alterations to the plan. In short, TAPE’s Training Transformation program is as dynamic and agile as the work environments it is intended to support.

Individual training regimens can be tailored to each employee’s particular skill sets, background and abilities, always with the ultimate goal (and requisite management tools) of creating a cohesive, competent, highly skilled workforce capable of meeting the organization’s existing and long-term operational requirements.

Similarly, TAPE’s Training Transformation program empowers organizations to create or improve employee career development initiatives. From in-sourcing and specific job programs all the way up to management and leadership training, TAPE ensures that our customers have in place a high quality, standardized training program that can grow and evolve with the organization to meet its long-term employee development needs.